For Families

At Altacare, we believe in partnering with parents and families in our work to support Montana students who are suffering from mental health concerns. Our goal is to help you and your child learn to manage symptoms, improve communication, and thrive in the home, school, and community.

Family-Focused Care

Support for families

At Altacare, our school-based services are designed to support students whose mental, emotional, or behavioral challenges are impacting their ability to thrive in the educational environment. Our treatment teams include licensed or license-eligible mental health counselors and behavioral specialists who provide comprehensive treatment services in schools throughout Montana.

Learning to Thrive

Support at school and at home

Academic achievement is an important part of a young person’s life. But school isn’t just about achieving grade-level performance; it’s where your child will develop the social skills and self-regulatory behaviors needed for healthy peer relationships. Sometimes, your child’s psychological challenges can create barriers to this achievement and development. But by partnering with Altacare, your child and your family can heal and thrive.

Support for Montana Families

Healing the family unit

As a parent, you may not know what steps to take when your child is experiencing psychological difficulties. It might feel scary or overwhelming when the child you love begins behaving in ways that you don’t understand. The compassionate, experienced staff at Altacare understands what it means to love your child but not their behaviors. Together, we partner with parents, families, and school staff to assess each student’s presenting concerns and create a plan of care that reflects their unique strengths and challenges.

From there, our teams provide services like individual, group, and family counseling, behavioral planning, and one-on-one support in the classroom or other areas, all during the school day. We will work with your child’s teachers and other school staff to find ways to ensure that your child has access to our services when they need them the most while minimizing the disruption to their school day.

Comprehensive, School-Based Care

School-based therapeutic services

Rather than worrying about fitting your child’s therapy appointments into your already busy evening schedule, they’ll take place while they are at school. Whenever possible, we’ll include you in all aspects of treatment planning for your child, and you’ll be required to sign off on any interventions we select. You can expect regular communication and updates from your child’s treatment team, and we’ll support you in helping your child work successfully towards recovery at home and in the community. By engaging with Altacare’s services, you’ll learn more about your child’s mental health concerns and how best to support them, and we’ll provide opportunities for your family to heal as a unit,

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To find out more about Altacare’s programming and to determine whether your child is eligible for our services, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about our school-based services.

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Together We Can Change Lives

The most rewarding part of being a therapist at Altacare of Montana is seeing kids grow into who they’re supposed to be rather than letting their disorder control their path.

– Current Therapist